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On January 19th, 2019 thousands marched down Pennsylvania Ave for the third annual Women’s March. Scenes around Trump International Hotel have become familiar icons of our times.

Taking a break from my usual work related posts to add a few vacation pics. As an undergrad I majored in geography and have always wanted to see the Andes so Janice and I signed-up for a Field Guides trip that included Machu Picchu and birding up and over the Abra Malaga Pass. The mountains […]

Over the past few years I have gotten to know several amazing “Dreamers,” young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children illegally by their parents. Sadhana Singh is one whose dignity and charisma makes an impression with all those she meets. I have known Sadhana for a couple years through interviewing students with Deferred Action […]

The latest Chronicle of Higher Education report is out, this one on adult students is by Goldie Blumenstyk.

Trying to leverage sympathetic democratic senators, DACA recipients and their supports staged days of sit-ins and peaceful protests hoping to get a clean vote on the Dream Act. Here is a link to the photo essay from one day on Capitol Hill.

                                I had great plans for photographing spring migration, but I had more rain-outs than I can count. It was always worth the adventure – just to be out. Seeing firsthand the relationship between the migrating Red Knots and the spawning […]

As we are seeing summer leave all too quickly and schools star to welcome students, I thought I would dedicate the opening slideshow to some of my favorite Maine memories. It’s time to get fresh lobsters, walk on the beach, and listen to the waves. New video projects will roll out in September and October, […]

We were in good company this year when one of our Chronicle Review covers was a finalist in the ASME Brainiest cover category. First place went to Bloomberg Businessweek and the other finalist was Wired magazine. As Ron Coddington confesses in the entry, it was a very close to deadline shoot that he and Scott […]

We recently redesigned our sister publication, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and I have been fortunate to shoot the second cover for the April issue. I played around with a few different looks, going old school “painting with light” for the blue image we used with the electric streaks I used an off camera flash with […]

As I’m watching a nasty wintery-mix come down in Northern Virginia, I decided that now would be a good time to add some greenery to my site from a recent trip to Costa Rica. Enjoy this break from academia while I work on my next project. In the front slideshow I have added photos of […]

I recently documented the Brood II cicada invasion around my home for the Bloomberg Photo Service. The set was syndicated through Bloomberg and Getty. I was really touched to make the Bloomberg photo blog since I think their photography is outstanding. Here is the write-up.

We’ve haven’t been able to get out to the mountains for a couple springs now, but this weekend we headed out and timed our hike perfectly. Our favorite hike for wildflowers is South River in the Shenandoah National Park. It takes about a half hour to wander down and an hour or so to come […]

Last week I was out shooting a cover photo for one of our Bloomberg Government publications and there was great light and clouds. It was definitely a day that you could not plan for. While I was shooting my subject, I turned around a grabbed this shot of the sun moving down the Washington Monument. […]

Yes I am contributing to filling the internet with dog and baby animal (or in this case baby bird) photos. I saw a little movement in the wren house when I was mowing the lawn and could not resist these little guys. Very tiny. I think it will be a couple weeks before they venture […]

Many of our vacations are outdoorsy. We tend to go to places where we can unplug, do some hiking and look for birds and animals. We just returned from our first adventure in Costa Rica and cannot say enough good things about the country. Like our other vacations, we went a little off the beaten […]

I recently purchased a lightweight 70-300 4-5.6 Canon zoom for my 5D. I wanted something for hiking. I was a little concerned that the quality might not be good, but the guys at BH recommended it for this type of recreational use. So far I’ve been really pleased. I have been able to work around […]

I dropped my beloved Blackberry for a Verizon iPhone and I’m finally catching-up with all the camera apps everyone else has been playing with. So far I have a love-hate relationship with the Histomatic. Sometimes it nails just what I want and other times it’s way off base – but I guess that is the […]

Sometimes something wonderful happens when someone unexpectedly turns out the lights. I had just enough time to reset my manual settings and get this shot of Ella and her best friend. Would have been a perfect metro front photo back in the day.

I love it when we get just enough snow for tracks. I shot this photo this morning on my morning expedition with the dogs. We also saw deer, squirrel and fox tracks, but I liked these for their almost print like quality and composition.

I always have fun shooting the woodpeckers when we get snow. I love the black and white patterns and their red just pops. As much as I wanted to spend the day playing and shooting I had to head out, but here is one shot.

The sun is definitely starting to shift and the days are slowly starting to get longer. The morning light caught my eye when it highlighted the statue of Ganesh that my brother brought me years ago from India. Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune so I figured it was a […]