An Inside Look at How Trinity Washington University Found Its Mission

I first started going to Trinity College in Washington, D.C. when I would bring my mother over to visit one of her childhood friends, Sister Anne Cecelia. I love old buildings and wanted to know more about the old Main Hall and its resident nuns. After visiting with the archivist, Sister Mary Hayes, it quickly became apparent that while the nuns are a part of the story, they are only one chapter. As I spent time at Trinity I realized that so many people and groups could be their own story: President Pat McGuire who has run the institution for 26 years, the diverse student body made up of primarily of African-american women from DC, the 20 undocumented Latinas who are starting their first year on scholarship and the nine remaining nuns who bring their work ethic and humor to every meeting. Trinity became a labor of Love and a special video for me.
Trinity College

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