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Hungry to Learn

They barely make enough money to pay for college. Sometimes they have to choose between buying a textbook or buying food. Making rent, finding food, paying bills, raising a child, and dealing with abusive partners— these are some of the roadblocks many students face as they work toward earning their degrees. For this project five students shared their stories.

Bucket List Trip to the Andes

Taking a break from my usual work related posts to add a few vacation pics. As an undergrad I majored in geography and have always wanted to see the Andes so Janice and I signed-up for a Field Guides trip that included Machu Picchu and birding up and over the Abra Malaga Pass. The mountains and Inca ruins did not disappoint. I am just quickly posting a few pics because I am quickly getting pulled back into my regular semester storytelling, but I am hoping to add to this post soon.


The view from inside of Machu Picchu.

A Day With a Recruiter

Courtney Connolly knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the recruiting table. Now a talent scout for a cloud-computing company, Connolly previously spent time in a campus career office after earning her master’s degree, in 2011. The different roles have given her perspective on how colleges and students should approach a career fair, and what she needs to do to survive the hectic job-hunting season.

‘My Professional World Has Gotten Smaller’

The shadows cast by sexual assault and harassment loom long after the behavior itself stops. That message has echoed across the #MeToo movement, and it has resounded with particular clarity in academe. Women who have experienced harassment have described its often-invisible professional repercussions — skipped conferences, spurned research opportunities, fractured personal networks.

The Chronicle spoke with three women about how harassment and assault have altered their professional paths. They outlined the practical steps they have taken to navigate fraught situations, and explained the personal toll of coming to terms with what they have experienced.

How a 21st-Century Learning Environment Helps Students Master Tough Subject

How do you turn a shopping mall into a 21st-century classroom? For Austin Community College, in Texas, the answer includes lots of open space, a large computer lab, and a commitment to individual attention. In the college’s ACCelerator, which opened in 2014, instructors work with small groups of students, at their own pace, to help them master challenging subjects like mathematics. The effort has proved enormously popular.

Running Out of Time In The Land of Opportunity

Over the past few years I have gotten to know several amazing “Dreamers,” young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children illegally by their parents. Sadhana Singh is one whose dignity and charisma makes an impression with all those she meets. I have known Sadhana for a couple years through interviewing students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)  and when she told me about the young man she is dating, a Haitian with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) I thought that they would be good subjects to show the real side of the immigration stalemate. As you can read they are getting ready to move on and make the most of their lives.

Adult Student cover shoot

The latest Chronicle of Higher Education report is out, this one on adult students is by Goldie Blumenstyk.