Come on and Zoom

Academic calendar may be torn-up as a result of Covid-19. Chronicle photo by Julia Schmalz

During the first few months of working from home we’ve all learned the good, the bad and the ugly about zoom calls. I’m a Western Massachusetts kid who grew-up with the PBS children’s show Zoom, so of course the theme song has been going through my head.

But seriously, Zoom has allowed to me get voices from across the country with an ease that my traditional filming did not allow. We’ve traded high definition images for authenticity of voices and that’s not a bad thing. Some of the projects I have done or been involved with include:

‘Do No Harm’: The Coronavirus Crisis Calls for Compassion, Say Faculty Members Sharing Advice

As the Coronavirus Forces Faculty Online, It’s ‘Like Drinking Out of a Firehose’

Covid-19 Sent LGBTQ Students Back to Unsupportive Homes. That Raises the Risk They Won’t Return.

I hope everyone stays safe out there and hopefully we’ll get to see each other on campus in a not so distant future.

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