Vacation at Acadia National Park



I am going to start a life list of all the national parks I have visited because I am such a big fan. I think the official list is about 390. This summer was added Acadia National Park to our list.  Our recommendations include staying outside the park and going off season. We loved the Mt. Desert Campground and spent most of our meal time at Southwest Harbor. Eat-a-Pita is a fun place to get sandwiches to go for hiking and to come back to for  cozy dinner. We did hit Bar Harbor for one meal and recommend 2 Cats for breakfast.

One of the highlights for me was a brief encounter with a seal. We went to Bass Harbor lighthouse to watch the sunset. I was on the rocks and the water was very deep and the tide was rises. Something caught me eye and I look about 20 feet away from the rock I was standing on just in time to see a seal do a flip and go down after fish. The nickname ‘sea dogs’ suits them well.


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