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Our trip to Cuba was not to take photographs, it was to help with the Christmas Bird Count, but Cuba is a photographers dream. I had to take a few snaps. In our free time Janice and I did as much wandering as we could. Our routine went something like this – gather at 6:00 […]

I was the most excited about heading two hours west of Havana to the rural are of Viñales, known for limestone hills called Mogotes. The Hotel Jasmine did not disappoint with its spectacular views of the valley. Birding in this region included navigating many pigs who were always more curious than threatening. Birds in this […]

The second region we travelled to was Playa Larga, using the Hotel Playa Larga as our base – one of the hotel’s cinderblock chalets is pictured below.   We saw the smallest bird in the world – the Bee Hummingbird while birding at Bermeja. On a sunset dash out to find Cuban Parakeets, I got some […]

On our last full day in Cuba we conducted the first Winter Bird Count at the National Botanical Garden just outside of Havana. Built during the Soviet era, the Garden at one point was a real gem. Without funding the grounds and features are in disrepair, but the mature trees and plants make for excellent […]