This is my portfolio of some of my favorite multimedia projects. Most were done in collaboration with really talented designers and developers. Scroll down after clicking “More info” for images with links.

Which generation do you belong to?
Generations game. This interactive is pegged to USA TODAY’s series on Baby Boomers turning 65. For this project we surveyed 5,000 USA TODAY readers to see what they remembered. Along with producer Denny Gainer we created a pop culture database with over 400 entries. Click on the images for links to the original projects.
Katrina 5 years later
Multimedia ‘magazine’ on the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This project was all about innovation and figuring out how to tell stories on the web and on the ipad. I did the intro video and worked on the graphics Dave Evans and Denny Gainer. There is a long list of credits, but the piece was designed and developed by Bill Couch.
Jobs wanted
Today’s job seekers add ‘social’ to networking. For this project I researched the topic, found the subjects, wrote the story, produced the videos and designed the page topper.
Gulf Coast ecosystem
Historic oil spill’s effects on Gulf ecosystem. Early in spill we were trying to figure-out how to show the dangers for a disaster whose scale and impact were not easy to comprehend. For this I talked to several researchers who were in the Gulf.
Snowboarder Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark is one of a dozen USA TODAY Olympic profiles. For this project I gave cohesive look to a lot of different media shot by several staff members. We rolled out one profile a day for the ten days leading up to the Vancouver Olympics. Several of the edited clips also appeared in USA TODAY’s web newscast Vancouver Today.
Jobs forecast
USA TODAY’s tracking of where the jobs are returning. This interactive was designed and developed by Juan Thomassie. For this project I had more of a project manager role, producing it with the Money section database editor Barbie Hansen. Over a year after it was first published, it remains one of USA TODAY’s most popular interactives and a great example of data-driven story telling.

Apollo 11

The U.S.S. Grunion
‘Sub ladies’ uncover tale of lost crew. This was one of my first online interactives, designed by Dave Evans. It memorializes the crew of a WWII submarine lost off of the Alaskan coast and illustrates the discovery of the vessel. More family members came forward following our story’s publication and I continued to add their photos throughout the year until we had almost everyone’s image.