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Anxiety eclipses depression among college students, and the number who say it’s overwhelming them is on the rise. Campus counseling centers confront many challenges in trying to serve students, not the least of which is that mental health still has a stigma on campuses. Here are the voices of five students explaining how they cope, […]

When the Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center opened this fall at the University of Maryland at College Park, students were not the only ones learning.

It’s hard to separate a college from the college town – or in this case the University of Virginia from Charlottesville. Here even the mayor is an adjunct professor. So as the town braces for what could be a significant gathering of the alt-right on August 12th residents talked about how they got to where […]

I’d been thinking about school choice and how to possible explore the issue. K-12 isn’t usually part of our mission since we focus on higher education, but when the U. Rochester mentioned this program in a pitch to interview their president, I had to find out more. There continue to be significant challenges for this […]

I read and watched a lot of stories out of West Virginia out of the election and all were focusing on red vs. blue politics. I wanted to put a face on the story and hear firsthand what is going on in rural Appalachia. Ikie Brooks took me on a tour of his town and […]

Inside SisterMentors, a nonprofit group that mentors girls from low-income families and helps women complete their dissertations. Shireen K. Lewis is dedicated to increasing the number of minority women who have earned Ph.D.s. As founder of the nonprofit SisterMentors, Ms. Lewis takes a holistic approach, helping minority girls realize and develop their talents. The organization […]

Immigrant students share what college means to them, and their fears as they wait for Donald J. Trump and his administration to take office. One of the women came to the United States on her own when she was 15; others came as children, brought to this country by their parents. They are known as […]

While researching issues for transgender college students, I had the opportunity to spend a few day at Campus Pride’s summer leadership camp for LGBTQ student leaders. I wanted to make sure I knew the issues so I pitched doing an interview video. All but two of the interviews for ‘Ask Me’ were shot in a […]

On March 3rd the president of Sweet Briar college, a women’s college in rural Virginia, announced the school would close. Shocking students, faculty and alums there is now a court battle going on over the institution’s fate. I went down and produced this voice from Sweet Briar video. The opening slideshow is from the tilt-shift […]

I first started going to Trinity College in Washington, D.C. when I would bring my mother over to visit one of her childhood friends, Sister Anne Cecelia. I love old buildings and wanted to know more about the old Main Hall and its resident nuns. After visiting with the archivist, Sister Mary Hayes, it quickly […]

I’m Shmacked. Blacked Out Media. Red Cup Nation. Three companies that share one business plan: to sponsor college parties, film them, and sell the vision that this is what campus life is all about.  This video is part of the Chronicle’s A River of Booze Special Report.

The president of Saint Paul’s College, Millard (Pete) Stith, has the unusual mandate of selling his institution. He took over management after the historically black college was unable to pay its debts, lost its accreditation, and closed in 2013. Along with a staff of 22, he maintains the campus in hopes that another college will […]

Here is our Capitol Gains profile of GSA administrator Dan Tangherlini who was brought in to clean up the agency after the Las Vegas convention scandal. Tangherlini runs a government agency that is the nation’s biggest landlord and manages over $500B in federal assets.

Shooting video this summer in D.C. has turned into the art of dodging thunderstorms. Five minutes before our interview with National Park Service Superintendent Robert Vogel it poured and then stopped just long enough for Nela to ask her questions. Then it poured again!

Robert Watson is a true gem and this profile was fun to work on. It is also example of how a great headline can help an online video. Robert tells me that he is having a lot of laughs when Willard co-workers now refer to him as The Most Powerful Man in Washington.

I create the bumps for Capitol Gains. I know – what does that mean? These are short “video sketches” that get incorporated with the show branding when we come back from commercial. There are two or three of them a show. What makes them fun is I have license to wander and experiment. The executive […]

I’m adding Col. Greg Gadson to the list of amazing people I’ve met for our Capitol Gains profiles. I asked him what a normal day looked like and he said that there is no normal. Besides his day job of making sure everything runs smoothly on the base, he is often asked to speak to […]

This is a package I produced for our Capitol Gains Super Bowl episode. I was fortunate to be assigned a great story. The Army has been working for years to better diagnose concussions and to get soldiers to leave the battlefield after incidents that are known causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is not […]

We profiled Leocadia Zak and the U.S. Trade Development Association for Capitol Gains. They are one of the lesser known agencies helping U.S. businesses compete abroad. Bringing in $63 for every dollar spent on development they are a good news government story. Also friends in Washington will recognize that their offices are in the former […]

Six weeks ago Bloomberg Government launched a Sunday morning TV show called Capitol Gains. It’s produced by Bloomberg Television with content and help from BGOV. This week we aired my first “You Need to Know” profile of Elliott Branch, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Acquisition and Procurement.

Robert Levinson, a defense policy analyst with Bloomberg Government, discusses Federal Aviation Administration rulemaking that could unleash rapid growth in the non-military U.S. market for unmanned aerial vehicles (original link)

This is another video on job seekers I produced earlier this year. Unemployed for only a month, Kate Hawley was on a mission to find full-time work. Jobs wanted from Julia Schmalz on Vimeo.

This is video was part of a package I wrote for the paper on job seekers turning to social media to find job. Robert Mendez at this time had been without a full-time job for over a year and had a family of three to support. Jobs wanted from Julia Schmalz on Vimeo.

This video was done as part of an interactive map showing key weaknesses in the New Orleans levee system and some solutions taken. How New Orleans flooded from Julia Schmalz on Vimeo.