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This was the last story I filmed as the coronavirus forced campuses to close. It seems almost vintage now – although I believe that we will get back to campus life again. It just may take a bit. In 2017 the University of St. Thomas started Dougherty Family College, a two-year institution on its downtown […]

“There are few issues that are more pressing for colleges and universities today than attending to the mental-health needs of their students,” says Virginia M. Ambler, vice president for student affairs at the College of William & Mary. At the heart of a new focus there on the multiple dimensions of well-being is the McLeod […]

We traveled to Iowa, a state with lots of small colleges and a declining high-school population, to see how Central College, in Pella, is facing enrollment challenges. For the video, we tagged along with the admissions staff; talked to Carol Williamson, vice president for enrollment and student development; and sat down with President Mark Putnam […]

Students at Northeastern University, in Boston, all participate in its signature experience — a semester “co-op” in which they work full time for a semester. Presenting is often key to a successful work experience, but traditional workshops and classes did not seem to be helping computer-science majors blossom. “We always had a course on how […]

Closed mills from a bygone era stand over Waterville, Me., like sullen sentries. They remind some townspeople and visitors of more-prosperous times. But when David A. Greene, president of Colby College, arrived on the campus, in 2013, he saw a dilapidated town with huge potential. With Greene’s leadership, the liberal-arts college has pulled together the community and […]

Portland, Me., recently received hundreds of African asylum seekers who had found their way to the U.S. border. They were identified by an advocacy group and bused to the city, which is known for welcoming refugees. The University of Southern Maine, Southern Maine Community College, and Portland Adult Education are on the front lines of an effort to help these “New Mainers” […]

Young people leaving foster care and trying to break out of poverty have the odds stacked against them. They’ve witnessed or experienced traumatic events, and often moved among multiple homes and schools. Every year, some 20,000 of the nation’s nearly 450,000 foster kids age out of the system, encountering an abrupt end to support at […]

Toward the end of her seventh year as president of Montgomery College, in 2017, DeRionne P. Pollard was asked by a board member how she was doing. “I’m getting a little burned out,” said the leader of the three-campus community college in suburban Maryland. A dynamic speaker, a first-generation college graduate, a community leader, a […]

Nicole Lynn Lewis knows what it’s like to feel as if you don’t belong on a campus. As a teenage mom at the College of William & Mary she balanced the challenges of academe with rearing an infant daughter. Lewis finished her degree, but she concedes, “My story is rare.” As the nonprofit organization she […]

They barely make enough money to pay for college. Sometimes they have to choose between buying a textbook or buying food. Making rent, finding food, paying bills, raising a child, and dealing with abusive partners— these are some of the roadblocks many students face as they work toward earning their degrees. For this project five […]

It’s clear how a Microsoft regional director based in Singapore would be seen as a great catch for a university in a booming high-tech corridor, but that may not be the most important strength Astrid S. Tuminez brought to Utah Valley University when she became its president this past fall. Based in Orem, Utah, near the locally dubbed “Silicon […]

The shadows cast by sexual assault and harassment loom long after the behavior itself stops. That message has echoed across the #MeToo movement, and it has resounded with particular clarity in academe. Women who have experienced harassment have described its often-invisible professional repercussions — skipped conferences, spurned research opportunities, fractured personal networks. The Chronicle spoke with three women about […]

 How do you turn a shopping mall into a 21st-century classroom? For Austin Community College, in Texas, the answer includes lots of open space, a large computer lab, and a commitment to individual attention. In the college’s ACCelerator, which opened in 2014, instructors work with small groups of students, at their own pace, to […]

Anxiety eclipses depression among college students, and the number who say it’s overwhelming them is on the rise. Campus counseling centers confront many challenges in trying to serve students, not the least of which is that mental health still has a stigma on campuses. Here are the voices of five students explaining how they cope, […]

When the Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center opened this fall at the University of Maryland at College Park, students were not the only ones learning.

It’s hard to separate a college from the college town – or in this case the University of Virginia from Charlottesville. Here even the mayor is an adjunct professor. So as the town braces for what could be a significant gathering of the alt-right on August 12th residents talked about how they got to where […]

I’d been thinking about school choice and how to possible explore the issue. K-12 isn’t usually part of our mission since we focus on higher education, but when the U. Rochester mentioned this program in a pitch to interview their president, I had to find out more. There continue to be significant challenges for this […]

I read and watched a lot of stories out of West Virginia out of the election and all were focusing on red vs. blue politics. I wanted to put a face on the story and hear firsthand what is going on in rural Appalachia. Ikie Brooks took me on a tour of his town and […]

Inside SisterMentors, a nonprofit group that mentors girls from low-income families and helps women complete their dissertations. Shireen K. Lewis is dedicated to increasing the number of minority women who have earned Ph.D.s. As founder of the nonprofit SisterMentors, Ms. Lewis takes a holistic approach, helping minority girls realize and develop their talents. The organization […]

Immigrant students share what college means to them, and their fears as they wait for Donald J. Trump and his administration to take office. One of the women came to the United States on her own when she was 15; others came as children, brought to this country by their parents. They are known as […]

While researching issues for transgender college students, I had the opportunity to spend a few day at Campus Pride’s summer leadership camp for LGBTQ student leaders. I wanted to make sure I knew the issues so I pitched doing an interview video. All but two of the interviews for ‘Ask Me’ were shot in a […]

On March 3rd the president of Sweet Briar college, a women’s college in rural Virginia, announced the school would close. Shocking students, faculty and alums there is now a court battle going on over the institution’s fate. I went down and produced this voice from Sweet Briar video. The opening slideshow is from the tilt-shift […]

I first started going to Trinity College in Washington, D.C. when I would bring my mother over to visit one of her childhood friends, Sister Anne Cecelia. I love old buildings and wanted to know more about the old Main Hall and its resident nuns. After visiting with the archivist, Sister Mary Hayes, it quickly […]

I’m Shmacked. Blacked Out Media. Red Cup Nation. Three companies that share one business plan: to sponsor college parties, film them, and sell the vision that this is what campus life is all about.  This video is part of the Chronicle’s A River of Booze Special Report.